Free Printable Rakhi Card | DIY Raksha Bandhan Card

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This Rakshabandhan, surprise your sibling with a Free Printable Rakhi Card that you can make yourself! Easy enough for the little ones too!

Siblings share a special bond, don’t they? On one hand, you have a playmate and partner for a lifetime – on the other hand, you also have your number one enemy when growing up! 

Some of my best childhood memories are with my siblings and my cousins, especially during the summer holidays. They’re the only ones who can understand the true craziness of our extended family members, and we have some inside jokes that make us laugh to this day!

So this Rakshabandhan, we’re celebrating siblings of all kinds – brothers, sisters, cousins, and even friends who share bonds stronger than blood. You can always tie a plain Rakhi, but we’ve decided to make it more fun – by incorporating it into a free printable Rakhi card! 

Free Printable Rakhi Card | Raksha Bandhan Card

Free Printable Rakhi Card 2

Supplies Required:

  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter
  • Rakhi

How to make the printable Rakhi Card:

1. Download the free printable Rakhi card by clicking the link below. Enter 0 in the square box that is next to Name a fair price: $ if you enter an amount greater than 0, it means you are making a donation and Gumroad will ask for your Credit Card details to bill you.  Then click on I want this! button.

You will need to enter a valid email address (as a copy of the PDF will be sent to the email.) & click on the Get button. You should get an option to download the PDF right on your screen, and also in your email.

click here 03

2. Use thick cardstock to print the card.

Free Printable Rakhi Card 1

3. Cut out the individual cards from the printable.

Free Printable Rakhi Card 4

4. Use a paper cutter to make slits on either side of the hand’s wrist.

Free Printable Rakhi Card 5

5. Cut out a wide enough slit for the Rakhi string to pass through.

Free Printable Rakhi Card 6

6. Make equal slits on either side of the hand.

Free Printable Rakhi Card 7

7. Pass the Rakhi string through the slits so that the center of the string faces up.

Free Printable Rakhi Card 8

8. Tie the two ends of the string at the back of the card. 

Free Printable Rakhi Card 3

9. Your free printable Rakhi card is ready!

Free Printable Rakhi Card Insta 1

Remember that the printable for the Rakhi card is available for whatever you choose to pay – even if you choose to pay nothing. Go to the end of the post to get printable.

To add some more DIY fun to this printable, try making your own DIY Rakhis. If you’re the one receiving the Rakhi, be sure to have a gift on hand – or try making some handmade gifts yourself!


This is a pay-as-you-wish product, which means you can download it for free or pay something to support us.

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