Gandhi Jayanti 3 Monkey Craft with Free printable

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Check out our post, Gandhi Jayanti 3 Monkey Craft which comes with a free printable template. Perfect for Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary on October 2nd. 

October 2nd is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti. It is a national holiday in India to mark the occasion of the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the “Father of the Nation”. I wanted to try a craft that’s relevant to Mahatma Gandhi in the craft class this week. When it comes to Gandhiji and telling kids about what he preached, two things always come to my mind – The Charakha & his 3 monkeys.


Gandhi Jayanti 3 Monkey craft with Free printable

Gandhi 3 monkey craft


We started the class with a brief intro on Gandhiji, why he was famous, what he did for our country & then his preaching..

His classic preaching emoted very well with 3 monkeys are
“Hear no Evil”
“See no evil”
“Talk no Evil”

My little monkeys had fun depicting these 3 emotions ..

3monkeys part1

3monkeys part2

Then we got down making this super easy craft…

Supplies to make the Gandhi Jayanti 3 Monkey Craft 

  1.  Brown paper A4 size
  2.  Light Brown paper – half of A4 size
  3.  Yellow paper for the monkey
  4.  White paper for the eyes
  5.  Glue stick
  6.  Staplers
  7.  Scissors
  8.  Black Sketch pens

Step by Step instructions to make the Gandhi Jayanti Monkey Craft 

  1. First cut the monkey body in an elongated 8 shape from the dark brown paper
  2. Cut out 3 rectangular strips for the legs & tail. about 3/4th inch x 12 inches long from the dark brown paper
  3. Cut out 2 smaller rectangle strips – about 3/4th inch x 10 inches long from the dark brown paper
  4. Cut out 1 oval shape from the light brown paper slightly bigger than the monkey’s face.
  5. Cut out ears and paws using the same paper
  6. Cut out 2 circles about the size of a 2 ruppe coin for the eyes. Draw eyes
  7. Now do an accordion fold for the hands & legs
  8. Stick/staple the paws.
  9. Roll the tail into a wound circle and staple on
  10. Stick the mouth, ears & eyes
  11. Draw the mouth and nostrils with a pen
  12. Optional ( Cut a banana shape with yellow paper) and stick on.

Monkey craft Free Printable

To make it easier for you folks, I have a Printable that you can download for free. It makes a Cute little monkey and can be printed on an A4 sized paper.


Download Monkey Printable

Here are the kids with their very own monkey from the craft class.

paper monkey craft
monkey craft 1

The story behind Gandhiji’s 3 Monkeys 

The three monkeys that we associate with Gandhiji were actually gifted to him by a group of visitors from China.

Their names are Mizaru – who is covering his eyes and telling us to see no evil; 

Iwazaru – who is covering his mouth and telling you to speak no evil; 

Kikazaru – who is shutting his ears and telling you to hear no evil.

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