L for Lion Craft with Printable Template

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Make this adorable L for Lion Craft using our Printable Template that’s perfect for learning about the zoo, the jungle, forest animals, carnivores, big Cats or the Letter L 

We move on to our next A to Z Alphabet Animal Craft with the Letter L.  This craft is from our eBook – A to Z Alphabet Animal Crafts for Kids

The lion is the king of the jungle. So how can we have a list of wild animal activities for preschoolers without the big cat in it?

L for Lion Craft with Printable Template

L for Lion Cd Craft 2 2

I for Lion CD Craft 4344

Supplies needed to make this L for Lion Craft:

click here 03

Steps to make this L for Lion Craft:

Print the Craft template on an A4 or Letter Sized paper. Cut out all the parts – the head, the ears, the mane, the whiskers, the mouth, and the nose. Use these cutout templates as your reference points and trace onto Felt. We used a 2mm stiff felt to make this craft. Alternately, you could use construction paper or craft foam in similar colors.

L for Lion Cd Craft 2 3

Glue the yellow head on the CD first. Then add the mane on the front and ears on top of that.

I for Lion

L for Lion Cd Craft 2 4

Finally,  glue on the nose, the whiskers, eyes & mouth.

L for Lion Cd Craft 2 5

Isn’t that a not so fierce looking lion craft? This one can also double up as a DIY lion puppet.

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If you homeschool, run a childcare, or teach any elementary aged kids, this L for Lion Craft would be a great supplement to your Letter of the week curriculum. Add this fun craft project when you are studying about the zoo, the jungle, a safari,  forest animals, carnivores, big Cats or the Letter L 

Here are some fun facts about the Lion

  • Lions are the second largest big cat species in the world
  • The roar of a lion is very loud and can be heard even from 8 kilometers far.
  • Lions rest for around 20 hours a day in the wild.
  • African lions are the most social of all big cats.
  • Lions are the kings of the jungle because of their raw power and strength.

Here are some Lion Books that go with this craft


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