DIY Paper Quilling Presents or Gift Box design – Christmas Gift Tags

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DIY Paper Quilling Presents or Gift Box design – learn how to make Gift Tags using basic Square quilling shapes. Perfect for beginners.

We love Christmas and especially adorable Christmas Crafts! In fact, we love them so much that we have too many for just one page. Get inspired by our paper quilling creations 

Paper Quilling Presents or Gift Box design

Quilled Christmas Presents 1


So far, in this quilling for beginners series, we’ve tackled basic coils and curvy shapes, such as teardrops and marquise.

Let’s now move on to another part of quilling: how to make paper squares and turn them into a pile of Gifts Card that’s perfect for Christmas or even a birthday card!

Supplies to make the Quilled Christmas Presents Gift Tag

How to make a quilled square or Rectangle shape

To make a diamond or a square, first, you need to create a basic marquis shape. After shaping, rotate the marquis 90 degrees and then pinch both sides again. This will create a diamond shape. If you want to make a square, gently open up the shape between your fingers to complete.

Quilled Christmas Presents Step 2

Rectangles and squares are made very similarly. The difference is in how much you rotate the marquis shape before pinching additional angles. Rotate it only slightly before pinching and then open the shape to reveal the perfect rectangle. You can also add 2 differently colored strips together to form a square or rectangle.

Quilled Christmas Presents Step 3

Making Paper Quilling Presents or Gift Box design

1st cut 2 pieces of 5mm quilling paper, fold up both ends (about 5mm deep) and stick them to the square box to make a cross;
2nd, cut another piece of 5mm quilling paper, and then roll the ends with a to form a bow shape and stick it on the top of the square to form a gift box.

Quilled Christmas Presents Step 4

You could also twirl a piece of quilling paper around a toothpick to create swirls. Thes look really nice as ribbons too. Make a few in different colors & shapes – rectangles, squares, tall & short. Stick them on a gift tag to resemble a pile of presents. 

Quilled Christmas Presents Step 1

These little shapes would look really cool on a Birthday card or any occasion where gifts are exchanged as a gift tag. 

Quilled Christmas Presents 3

This Quilled Christmas Presents idea can be turned into pretty earrings too. 

Quilled Presents Earrings


There you go, with a little bit of practice, you can make these absolutely adorable quilled Christmas tags. Just imagine how pretty this year’s presents are going to look with these cute tags! They’re just the handmade touch needed to give even a store-bought gift that personal touch!  

Quilled Christmas Presents 2

Make more Paper Quilling Christmas Gift Tags-Make a paper Quilled reindeer, stocking, and candy cane themed gift cards for Holidays!


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