Adorable DIY Papercraft Rhino Bookmark

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This papercraft rhino bookmark is just too cute for words! It’s really easy for kids of all ages to make, and requires just colored craft paper!

Imagine if the creatures of the animal world had conversations with each other, about their representation in art. For instance, French painter Henri Rousseau loved painting tigers, American artist George Rodrigue painted lots of dogs and German artist Franz Marc‘s work featured lots of horses. But there’s one animal who’s been featured way back in cave paintings – the mighty rhino!

Unfortunately, from that time to now, a lot has changed in the rhino’s life, and today they are an endangered species. The Javan and Sumatran rhino is considered ‘critically endangered‘, with only 75 and 80 of them left in the world, respectively. 

One reason rhinos are endangered is because of poaching – they are being hunted for their horns. Rhino horns are considered valuable in traditional medicine in some cultures, while others consider it a status symbol. Another reason is the loss of land – rhinos are huge animals and they need a lot of space to live!

So what can we do about this? Well, we can spread awareness among people about how badly endangered rhinos are, and one way to do it is to make a rhino craft and share it on social media. If you’re looking for a project like that, we’ve got a cute little papercraft rhino bookmark for you!

Adorable DIY Papercraft Rhino Bookmark

Rhino Hug Bookmark FT 1

Supplies required:

  • Colored cardstock paper or thick craft papers
  • Pencil – to trace the template
  • A pair of scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Sharpies

How to make the Papercraft Rhino Bookmark:

1. Download the papercraft rhino bookmark template. The template contains parts of the rhino, including head, body, horn, ears, eyes, limbs and tail.

Rhino Bookmark Papercraft Template

2. Trace the parts of the papercraft rhino bookmark template on craft paper of the appropriate colors. We’ve chosen grey for the rhino’s head and body parts, along with pink for the inner ears and white for the horn and feet. 

Rhino Hug Bookmark 1

3. Let’s start with the rhino’s legs. Stick the rhino’s feet on the hind legs which are with the body piece and the fore legs which are separate. 

Rhino Hug Bookmark 2

4. Moving on to the rhino’s head, stick the inner ears on the outer ear pieces.

Rhino Hug Bookmark 3

5. Attach the completed ears on the top of the head of our papercraft rhino bookmark. Stick the eyes on with glue, and finally, don’t forget the rhino’s identifying feature – its horn!

Rhino Hug Bookmark 4

6. Nearly there! Use glue to attach the head to the top of the body piece. Yes, it’s looking more like our Papercraft rhino bookmark now!

Rhino Hug Bookmark 5

7. Our rhino currently has just two legs, so let’s give him his missing limbs. Apply glue on the sides of the rhino and stick the forelegs at an angle, so they are facing inward. Make sure the front ends of the legs are free and not glued.

Rhino Hug Bookmark 6

8. Let’s stick the final missing piece – the tail! Attach it to the rhino’s backside with glue.

Rhino Hug Bookmark 7

9. Time to take out your black marker and draw some nostrils and a cute smile. Use a sharpie to draw the nose and mouth of the papercraft rhino. There you go – a cute little papercraft rhino bookmark ready to use!

Rhino Hug Bookmark 8


To use the papercraft rhino bookmark, simply slide the page between its forelegs and body. Since rhinos are super strong, you rest assured that your page is safe and secure with him!

Rhino Hug Bookmark SQ 1

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Rhino Hug Bookmark Pin 1

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