10 Rainbow Party Craft Ideas For Kids

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10 Rainbow Party Craft Ideas For Kids – ideas for kids to have some fun with playing, building, and learning.

After posting about Rainbow Themed Birthday Party Planning, I thought I’d follow it up with some art and craft activities centered around the rainbow theme.  Since the rainbow theme is pretty much all about the explosion of colors, these ideas will be a perfect fit for kids of all ages. Here are ten great ideas for kids to have some fun with playing, building, and learning.

10 Rainbow Party Craft Ideas For Kids
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1. Rainbow Party Caterpillar Button Craft

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Our Rainbow Caterpillar Button Craft is a  perfect accompaniment to the book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and for a Rainbow Party activity!

2.  Rainbow Party Play-Doh Craft

Rainbow Crafts for Kids 2

Play-doh is such a simple yet powerful resource for kids to let their creative juices flow abundantly. Kids can make artwork on a paper plate or a sheet of paper or mold it into different shapes or patterns as they like. Here is a super cute play dough muffin from Inner Child Fun. You can never really go wrong by letting kids play with this amazing dough. With attractive colors and smooth texture, fun is guaranteed!

3.  Make a Pom Pom Rainbow Craft

Rainbow Crafts for Kids 7

Create your very own magical rainbow with this easy pom-pom rainbow craft! This is a great project for little kids to learn about colors and more!

4.  Coloring Activities for Rainbow Party 

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Painting or coloring is yet another fun activity that will allow the kids to remain engrossed in their world of colors. Assort a number of coloring pages, coloring supplies, and blank papers in a corner. Let the little party guests pick their choice of coloring supplies and do their painting. If you want to dig deep, get some ideas from the Art Bar Blog on scrape painting with materials like cards, squeeze bottles, and tape.

5. Rainbow Party Colored Sand Craft Idea

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Making your own colored sand is so much fun and easy. kidscraftroom shares the quickest way of making colored sand using 3 supplies. You are going to love it!

 6.  Loom Bands for a Rainbow Party 

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Loom Bands have been the latest craze among kids these days. Most of the kits available today have got a mini-tutorial for creating goodies. You can get a variety of loom band kits and supplies for affordable prices. It can be made in several patterns and color combinations with a little bit of patience and time. Bracelets, charms, hair clips, zip-holders, you name it, kids will love it! Check out this cool cup holder craft from Meatloaf and Melodrama.

7.  Rainbow Party Quilled Rainbow Craft Idea

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Welcome spring with a burst of color in this Quilled Rainbow Craft, perfect for a Rainbow party decoration! Makes a lovely spring theme wall art too.

8.  Rainbow Flower – for Rainbow Party Decor

Rainbow Crafts for Kids 4

Here is a rainbow flower craft activity for kids with colored tissue papers and pipe cleaners.

9.  Rainbow Bunting for Rainbow Party Decor

Rainbow Crafts for Kids 5

How about a bunting craft for kids? Check out this super cool idea of making a rainbow bunting by Kitchen Counter Chronicles with all recyclable materials.

 10.  Finger Painting Rainbow Art Activity

Rainbow Crafts for Kids 10

If you wish to let the kid’s hand paint some patterns, check out this easy rainbow fingerprint from My Crazy Blessed Life.

Do you really want to have an artsy-craftsy activity for kids with very little supervision? Let the kids hand paint old white bed linen or an A2 or A1 size paper with some non-toxic washable paints.

They can try out some finger painting fun by doodling their names and making their hand impressions. It’ll make a wonderful backdrop for the group photo!  Just make sure that you have chosen a safe outdoor space for the kids to go crazy over the colors.

It’ll be fun and it makes cleaning up much easier too.  Even though it’s not really an art or a craft activity, it’s sure to leave some pleasant memories to cherish!

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