Turn Off the TV and Keep Kids Busy (and Having Fun!)

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Turn Off the TV and Keep Kids Busy (and Having Fun!)

What parent hasn’t used the television or a Digital Toy to occupy their child from time to time? I have! After all, we parents have a thousand demands placed upon us. Digital Toys like the TV, Ipad, laptops can keep our child happily absorbed while we get dinner started, sneak in a household chore, or just have a little peace. But televisions make lousy babysitters, so instead, lets gift our children our love & our time. Here are some Screen-free suggestions to keep kids entertained, happy and busy while fostering life long bonds.


Turn Off the TV and Keep Kids Busy (and Have Fun!)

Crafting with kids

If your kids love digging into arts and crafts projects with paint or glue, relax — they’re learning and developing in essential ways while they’re making a beautiful mess. Don’t know where to start? I have 150+ art & craft activities neatly classified by Age, By Type , By materials & catering to most Holiday themes. Arts and crafts are also a great way to support academic lessons. Additionally, arts and craft projects help toddlers build confidence, and as they see their parents hang up and brag about their newest creation, they are filled with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

Reading to Kids


The time we spend cuddling with our kids, watching them become engrossed in a story told to them , is a priceless experience. I have however struggled to find the right books, so I had few mums help me with 150+ Children’s Books recommended by moms. .. Books can help to encourage our Child’s Sense of Humour and help them bond

Cooking with kids

Parents, grandparents, and youngsters cooking together in the kitchen, sharing family recipes and secrets passed from one generation to the next, is a lost art in many households. Cooking with kids gives us the chance to introduce them to fresh, healthy food and interesting ways of cooking it. It can be lots of fun, and it’s also a fun way to spend more time with our children. Start off with simple activities – like washing fruits and veggies, to making simple salad decorations and Cheesy Monaco Bites to more complex foods that they can cook on their own.

Outdoors Fun

Do you remember playing outdoors as a kid? It was always fun to be outside with friends, whether talking, cycling, walking or playing games and sports. It doesn’t matter if we take your kids out to a local farm or to some exotic locale, Getting outdoors is Healthy! Children grow healthier, wiser, and more content when they are connected to the natural environment . My daughter loves having a picnic in the garden.. pack some sandwiches, some little tea cups and have a doll party in your own backyard. Or better still, join your toddler in a game of Run & catch – Your child will love it and you get a workout for free.

Play Indoors 


If going outdoors is not possible, Do a family activity at home.  Why not pull out an old board game tonight? Playing games is an easy and excellent way to spend unhurried, enjoyable time together. As an added bonus, board games are also rich in learning opportunities. All types of play have developmental benefits. When they’re working with finer objects like puzzles and blocks and things of that nature, they’re working on fine motor skills. Games with rules can also provide opportunities for parents to model, and for children to practice, very specific skills, like cooperation and sharing, turn-taking, the ability to see someone else’s perspective. At home we love playing carom, scrabble, Uno and other card games. Even when we ride together in a car, we play games all the time – Atlas – where we name a City say Mumbai – and the next one has to say Mumbai + a city that starts with the ending letter  I  .. and the next person says Mumbai, Imphal, London and so on.. A memory game built into a geography lesson. We also love making up silly mathematical & reasoning puzzles – Say What is  a number that you get when you add the number of tires  plus the number of windows that open plus the pairs of shoes in the car .. we own a duster .. so the answer will be ( 4 + 1 – spare tyre) + 4 windows that open & close + 3 pairs ( me, hubby & lil P ) = 12 !! .. Logical reasoning + mathematics built in one..


To Summarize, Reduce your child’s Screen time by gifting them your Love & Time

1. Craft with them

2. Involve them in your daily kitchen chores

3. Take them outdoors – The neighborhood park or a local farm is a great place to check out.

4. Read to them every night.

5.  Play Together 

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 So what are your tips to Turn Off the TV and Keep Kids Busy??  Is there any particular game that you play as a family ?? We’d love to learn a new one.. Share them in comments below ..

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  1. Great post. .tv has become a menace in my house now..my little one loves crafting. .will have to pull her out from tv more .

    1. Many of these tips have helped us break the TV habit.. It had gotten so bad that we ( me & hubby) started using that as an escape route each time we didn’t want to deal with her.. Go to your room Lil p .. go watch your TV, I have a call, Please do share what tips worked for you

  2. Thank you Shruti, very useful tips, I am struggling to pull off my son from oggy and doraemon !!! We have started playing with things that are available in home and creating easy crafts.

  3. This kind of reminds me of the Waldorf theology just a bit – which I really like! I think arts and crafts play a huge role in creativity and development for kids. They need to engage in hands on activities and less sitting, vegging, and watching. They’re kids after all! Their little bodies have so much energy that they need to expend in a given day. Great post!

    1. We don’t have a lot of exposure to Waldorf theology here in India.. Off to do some reading. Thanks for dropping by.. 🙂