Valentine’s Day – Dot Marker Heart Card

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Valentine's Day - Dot Marker Heart Card

Since Valentine’s day is coming near, Lil P wanted to make a few cards for her “Bestttttttt” friends. Luckily for us, my cousin had got Lil P these gorgeous Set of four -Paint Dab Markers  from the US of A.

Valentine’s Day – Dot Marker Heart Card

To make this simple card, You’ll need –

  1. Pink handmade paper 6×12 inches folded in half
  2. Dot markers
  3. Scissors
  4. Rough A4 sheet. News paper is too thin, you’ll need something thicker

Steps –

  1. Cut out a heart shape in the centre of the rough paper to form a stencil.
  2. Place the stencil in the middle of your 6×6 card.
  3. Dab the centre of the stencil with yellow Dots.
  4. Use a red dot marker along the border
  5. Add random dots in the middle.
  6. Wait for it to dry and then carefully lift the stencil out to reveal your dotty heart 🙂
  7. We added ” You Colour My World” inside the card.

We made many such cards in various colours

Valentine's Day - Dot Marker Heart Card

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So what did you make for valentine’s day? Do share with us in comments below ..





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