5 Christmas Books for Toddlers (with Crafts)

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Ho Ho Ho! It’s Christmas Time, my second favorite time of the year (after Diwali). Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it is difficult not to get swept by the merriness that Christmas brings. So wear your special jammies and have a mug of hot chocolate ready because I have here 5 absolutely adorable books for toddlers and some equally fun easy -peasy lemon-squeazy Christmas crafts. Yes, these are for toddlers, the mess- monsters, yes! They are so much fun that I swear, you’d want to try them out yourselves!

5 Christmas Books for Toddlers (with Crafts)

christmas books for toddlers

1. Dream Snow by Eric Carle

christmas books for toddlers

Dream Snow is the only Book on Christmas by Eric Carle and is a visual delight. It also doubles as a lift the flap, counting book and the illustrations have a very dream-like feeling. Snow, Christmas and Eric Carle – the perfect combination for 1 to 3 year olds this season! And once you’re done reading the book, you can make this easy-peasy Snow Suncatcher Ornament for your Christmas tree as shown in Frog Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.

 2. Dear Santa by Rod Campbell

christmas books for toddlers

Dear Santa is an adorable board book for toddlers, and just like Dear Zoo by the same author, this one is also a lift-the-flap adventure. We love this book so much that we bought it twice! After reading this fabulous book, we play memory game with the all the things Santa could bring us as gifts. You can also make this adorable Handprint Santa Ornament for your tree, as shown in the Happy Go Lucky blog.

3. Snowmen at Christmas by Caralyn Buehner

christmas books for toddlers

What do Snowmen do on Christmas Eve? If you thought that they just stood there all night outside on your porch, you’re wrong! They have the best Christmas party ever, in true snowman-style! This board book is perfect for all toddlers who love snow, snowmen and Christmas. Don’t let the fun end with this Easy Popsicle Stick Snowman Ornament for your tree, as described on Hubpages Holiday section.

4. Happy Christmas, Boris! by Sam Lloyd

christmas books for toddlers

Like Sam Lloyd’s other books, this one also features a hand puppet – Boris. Interactive books are always great, but perfect for Christmas with little ones, right? My daughter was first scared of Boris, yet slowly but surely, she started having fun with him. Boris would suddenly hug her, eat her fingers and let her stroke his hair too! In this book, Boris is on a mission to help Santa; he has to deliver presents to all the little monsters! Speaking of delivering gifts, a sleigh laden with colorful candy presents makes the perfect craft! Check out Ellyn’s place for more information on making a Candy Sleigh.

5. The Smallest Gift for Christmas by Peter H. Reynolds

christmas books for toddlers

This is one of my son’s favorite books because there is a rocket in it. But besides that, this book features a beautiful story about what a real gift means. Ronald keeps asking for a bigger and bigger gift, but still doesn’t seem to be satisfied. At a time when all our festivals are turning into materialistic celebrations, we forget the true meaning of all festivals. So take this as an opportunity to think: What is the most precious gift you have this Christmas? Once you get the answer, make a cute little Popsicle Stick Frame Ornament, like the one shown in Crafty Sisters.

christmas books for toddlersI hope you find some inspiration from this list and take some time out to spend with your loved ones, reading books and crafting together. After all, that’s what the spirit of the season is all about, and like Roy L. Smith says, “He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree”. Wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas!!

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