Paper Quilled Christmas Lights Craft | DIY Christmas Gift Tags

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Make Paper Quilled Christmas Lights and add them to gift tags & cards.  They make a perfect kids’ Christmas papercraft idea. 

Are you looking for a unique Christmas craft to do with your kids? This would even be a great craft to do with kids for a Winter or Christmas party. With just a few tools they can make this unique set of lights to display for the holidays! This handcrafted Christmas light bulb gift card is perfect to give holiday gifts in a unique way.

Paper Quilled Christmas Lights Craft | Christmas Gift Tags

Quilled Christmas Lights Pin 2


The first time I saw a quilled paper card project, I thought it looked complicated. But I couldn’t have been more wrong! Surprisingly, quilled paper crafts are easy enough for teens! My daughter loves creating fun designs using various folds & techniques. 

Supplies to make Paper Quilling Christmas Lights

Instructions to make Paper Quilled Christmas Light Gift tags

Take a 20-inch long colored quilling strip and use the slotted quilling tool to coil the entire strip. Once the coiling is done, take out the coiled strip from the tool and allow it to loosen up.

Quilled Christmas Lights Step 1

Press any one side of the loose coil to form a teardrop shape and glue the open end to secure the shape. Take a 3-inch white-colored quilling strip and create a loose coil shape with it. Press 2 opposite sides of the loose coil to form an oval shape.

Take the teardrop shape prepared in the previous steps. Insert the tiny white highlight into the teardrop shape, through the gap of any coils near the curved end – this forms the lower part of the bulb.

Use the above process to create as many different colored Christmas light bulbs as you like.

Quilled Christmas Lights Step 2

Let’s create a bulb holder. take a 6-inch strip of black or brown quilling paper. Make a tight coil and then using glue, stick it at the wide end of the Christmas Light Bulbs. Let dry.

Quilled Christmas Lights Step 3

For the flex I wrapped a length of black quilling paper around a long wire – I found a kebab stick was not thin enough. A pencil is perfect. Uncoil a little to stretch it out along the width of the gift tag. 

Quilled Christmas Lights Step 4

Glue the black twirled strip onto a sheet of white craft paper with a slight curve downward in the center. Keeping enough space between the two strips to allow for the bulbs.

Glue each bulb onto the craft paper with the curved end butted against the black strip. One by one add the rest of the bulbs to fill the black strip. 

Quilled Christmas Lights Step 5

Making a string of Christmas tree lights out of paper is such a cute idea and could be used for handmade Christmas cards, gift tags, or anything you can think of! 

Quilled Christmas Lights Insta 2


Quilled Christmas Lights Insta 1

We love our quilled miniature Christmas lights, they’re little,  are no more than an inch tall, and look super cute. Here’s my little nephew holding up the gift tag. 

Quilled Christmas Lights Pin 1

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