20 Paper Crafts for Kids – that need Only Paper!

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Have only paper to craft with at home? No problem! You can still keep your kids busy – with these 20 awesome Paper Crafts for Kids – that need Only Paper!

Have you ever seen a truly awesome project that you wanted to make – only to find that you didn’t have everything you need? I know, I’ve been there!

In a regular situation you could just take a trip to the craft store or stationery store and buy whatever you needed. Or if you were ready to wait, you could order online. However, with things being what they are right now, both of these options may not be available, so your only choice is to make something with what you have.

But what if you have just paper? No pipe cleaners, no pom poms, no googly eyes – just paper?

Well, you have paper! And that, my friend, is all you need to make these awesome paper crafts for kids. Check them out – you’ll be surprised and all that you can do with just paper!

20 Paper Crafts for Kids – that need Only Paper!

Have only paper to craft with at home? No problem! You can still keep your kids busy - with these 20 awesome Paper Crafts for Kids - that need Only Paper!

1. Paper Tulip Craft

01 1

Bring in some serious spring vibes with this bright and cheerful tulip paper craft from The Craft Train. With a little bit of collage and paper weaving thrown in, it’s a good project for beginner crafters.

2. Woodland Theme Paper Collage

Download and assemble our Printable Woodland Themed Paper Collage and get ready to have some fun with some cute and furry woodland friends!

Don’t worry if you can’t play with your friends at this time, you can make your own little paper friends! This woodland collage is bursting with all kinds of details, from the animals to the different kinds of trees and even mushrooms!

3. Baby Unicorn Bookmarks

If you thought unicorns couldn't get more lovable, check out these printable baby unicorn bookmarks! Made from paper, these are just too cute for words!

Make your summer reading a tad bit cuter with these adorable unicorn bookmarks, made with – you guessed it – just paper! If you have any extras you can, of course, embellish them and make them your own.

4. Ladybug Corner Paper Bookmarks

Set up your spring reading with some cheery Ladybug Corner Paper Bookmarks to help mark your place! Make them in different colors and gift your friends!

If you’re looking for something a little more spring-themed, you can’t go wrong with these ladybug bookmarks. It’s surprising to see how amazing they look, considering they’re made of just paper.

5. DIY Monster Treat Bags

Monster Treat Bags Halloween Craft 21

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to make a treat bag – I, for one, am always ready for treats! Make these cute monster bags to store candy, stationery or to save up little treats for friends when school restarts.

6. Smiling Rainbow Paper Craft

A rainbow can brighten up anyone's day, especially when it's as cheerful as this smiling rainbow paper craft! Use this to instantly perk up any space!

We all need rainbows in our life – now more than ever! We’ve got just the craft that can cheer up someone’s day. Make these little rainbows and leave them at the doorsteps of your neighbors – and bring a little color into their lives!

7. Shape Bats Paper Craft

Shape Bats Halloween Paper Craft For Preschoolers+Free Template - enjoy talking about Bats, shapes while working on scissor skills too! 

Bats aren’t exactly the most popular creatures on the planet right now, but these bats are completely harmless! Use these to teach little kids about shapes and challenge the older ones to come up with their own shape bats.

8. Free Printable Woodland Paper Wreath

The cute critters on this printable woodland wreath craft will brighten up your day, whatever the weather outside! Make many and hang all around your home!

It’s the perfect time to give your room a little makeover, and these woodland wreaths are perfect for that! With a neutral base and bright pops of color, these are too cute not to make!

9. Paper Weaving Craft

These Paper Weaving Fall Printables are perfect to strengthen and keep those little fingers busy this season!! Also helps to improve concentration and hand-eye coordination in little kids.

Want to keep little kids occupied for a while? These paper weaving crafts are just what you need, and they’re great for some fine motor practice too. Just download print and hand it to them – and let them finish it in their own time.

10. DIY Farm Animals Bookmarks

These adorable DIY Farm Animal Corner Bookmarks are just what you need to mark your place in your favorite book! Perfect spring craft for school kids!

How cheerful are these farm animal bookmarks? They seem to be delighted at the fact that you’re reading so much! Make more of these to give your friends. These also make great party favors for a farm theme party.

11. Paper Flower Craft

Brighten up your summer days with a paper flower craft that's super easy to make! Make several flowers in different colors for your room.

These paper flowers are so pretty and so versatile – there’s a lot you can do with them! You can stick them on gifts wrapped with plain paper for an extra punch. Or stick them on a plain bright background and frame for instant wall art!

12. DIY Rainbow Heart Bookmark

Books add color to a drab world, and a Rainbow Heart Bookmark adds color to your daily reading time! Make more of these to give out to friends & teachers!

Make these paper rainbow bookmarks to remind you how your book transports you a different, magical land every time you open it up! Jazz these up with some gold glitter – if you don’t mind the mess!

13. Circle Paper Punch Collage

Collages are a popular art form - from artists to toddlers! Try out this spring themed Circle Punch Paper Collage - with just craft paper & a circle punch!

If you’ve got a circle punch, making this collage will be a breeze! If you don’t no problem – more cutting practice for the kids as they navigate their way around curves with their scissors!

14. DIY Rocket Corner Bookmarks

Reading takes you places and now you can take that trip on a rocket! Make this bright and colorful Rocket Corner Bookmark with supplies you already have.

Here’s the perfect craft idea for any space fan out there! Whether it’s science fiction, humor or mysteries, these little rockets will take you to the world of your choice.

15. DIY Paper Heliconia Craft

DIY Spring Felt Heliconia Flower Craft 142605

These paper heliconias are so pretty, they’re almost as good as the real thing! Make a bunch of these in different colors and you can gift them to your teacher when classes restart.

16. Paper Clown Puppet

Who doesn't love the circus? Celebrate World Circus Day on 20th April with a cute Paper Clown Craft for Kids - with a free printable template!

Tired of all the toys at home? Well, why don’t you make your own? With this clown paper puppet, it’s super easy to create your own special puppet show!

17. Printable Animal Paper Crowns

Printable Crown For Kids 4373

Turn yourself into a different animal every day with these printable paper crowns! These are great for kids learning about farm animals or jungle animals or even marine creatures.

18. Crumpled Paper Turtle Craft

Whether it's Kroopa Troopa from Mario or Yertle the Turtle from Seuss, turtles are quite popular! Now have your own pet with a Crumpled Paper Turtle Craft!

If you’ve got lots of paper scraps lying around, I can’t think of a better way to use them up than this crumpled paper turtle. Crumple up all the little bits, glue it onto the turtle’s body and you have a cool new turtle friend of your own!

19. Rainbow Paper Collage Art

Circle Punch Paper Collage Art 2

This rainbow collage is so pretty I would frame it in a heart beat! Get the kids to think creatively about how to use rainbow paper and about the different elements they can create and add to the scene.

20. Paper Butterfly Craft

The flowers have bloomed and the butterflies are out and about! Celebrate spring with this Paper Butterfly Craft for kids, with a free template to download!

These paper butterflies are perfect to add some extra color to any piece of decor in your home. Whether it’s a photo frame, a boring door or a plain box, simply sticking a couple of these will perk them up instantly.

Have only paper to craft with at home? No problem! You can still keep your kids busy - with these 20 awesome Paper Crafts for Kids - that need Only Paper!

So you see, if you have paper, you have everything you need to make some awesome crafts! There are options for kids of all ages and interests, and let them go a little outside their comfort zone too. For instance, let the space enthusiast make the woodland collage, and let the unicorn-obsessed make a clown puppet. Try and see what else you can come up with!

Have only paper to craft with at home? No problem! You can still keep your kids busy - with these 20 awesome Paper Crafts for Kids - that need Only Paper!

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