20 Fun and Easy DIY Puppets for Kids

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These DIY Puppets for Kids are just what you need to keep the little ones occupied for an entire weekend and put up their own little show!

When we think of entertainment these days, we think of web series and movies. Before that, we had TV shows and cinemas, and before that there was the theater and opera. However, if you go way back in time, all the way to 3000 B.C., you’ll find something else – puppets!

Yes, puppetry (the art of manipulating puppets in a performance) originated a really long time ago, and it’s an important part of many world cultures. For many of us, it may seem like a fun toy, but in many countries, puppets have deep symbolism.

Puppets around the World

Nearly every country seems to have some form of ancient puppetry, and some of these have become quite famous. Take Punch and Judy from Britain, for example. Others are the Bunraku puppets from Japan, Budaixi puppets from Taiwan, Kkoktugakshi puppets from Korea, Wayang puppets from Indonesia, Higantes puppets from the Philippines, the Kathputhlis from Rajasthan, India, and many, many more!

Suffice to say that there are many different kinds of puppets out there, and there are many ways of manipulating them. You can connect them to strings or rods, or have them open up so you can place a hand or finger inside. Since 21st March is World Puppetry Day, we thought it would be the perfect time to put up our own puppet show – made with our own DIY puppets for kids!

20 Fun and Easy DIY Puppets for Kids

These DIY Puppets for Kids are just what you need to keep the little ones occupied for an entire weekend and put up their own little show!

1. Paper Clown Puppet

Who doesn't love the circus? Celebrate World Circus Day on 20th April with a cute Paper Clown Craft for Kids - with a free printable template!

What’s one person who always brings joy to children’s parties? A clown, of course! And now, you don’t even have to hire a real clown – just make this paper clown puppet!

2. Papercraft Uncle Sam Puppet

Uncle Sam Papercraft FT 2

You can’t ignore Uncle Sam, and this Uncle Sam puppet is a fun way to celebrate the Fourth of July or Uncle Sam Day. Make it along with our Uncle Sam and Bald Eagle Handprint Craft.

3. Printable Farm Animal Puppets

Put on your very own puppet show with these adorable Printable Farm Animal Puppets!! Download, print, assemble and get ready to have some farm-theme fun!

This set of farm animal puppets is perfect for little kids who are just starting to learn about animals, both domestic and wild. They’ll love playing with the puppets and moving them to the tune of Ol’ McDonald’s!

4. Paper Bag Love Robot Puppets

Paper Bag Love Robot Craft Pin 1

Valentine’s Day may be over this year, but these love robot DIY puppets for kids are great to play with any time of the year. They’ll also be perfect as the tin man in a Wizard of Oz puppet show.

5. DC Superhero Paper Puppets

Check out our DC Superhero Paper Puppet Craft - with Free Printable Template to make your own Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern Puppets

Marvel may be releasing some big budget flicks, but that doesn’t have to stop you from putting on your own DC superhero puppet show – with Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin!

6. Super Dad Puppet Craft

Fun Super Dad Puppet! This is the perfect Father's Day Craft for Kids of all ages.

Speaking of superheroes, how can we forget the biggest superhero in our lives – Dad! This Father’s Day or on Dad’s birthday, put up a special puppet show for him featuring his puppet version!

7. Gingerbread Cookie Puppets

These Gingerbread Cookie Puppets are sure to delight you and your loved ones this holiday season! Easy to make and super cute to gift!

Ideally, you would have a puppet show for every holiday, and if that’s your plan, you should also have an appropriate set of DIY puppets for kids for every occasion. To begin with, make sure you have these gingerbread puppets so you’re all set for Christmas!

8. Dog and Frog Hand Puppets

hand paper puppets

We love the simplicity of these dog and frog hand puppets, which are really easy to make from paper, and look quite impressive too! You can use the same template and try out some other animals too.

9. Olaf Puppet Papercraft

Yes, you can build a snowman too - with this adorable Olaf puppet papercraft for kids! The best part is that all you need is paper - not snow!

If you’re a parent with kids under 12, you must have dealt with a Frozen fan phase at some point! Re-watch the endearing movie with your kids, and don’t forget to make this Olaf puppet to play with!

10. Papercraft Insect Puppets

Papercraft Insect Bookmarks FT 1

Spring is here, and we’re soon going to see lots of new flowers, baby animals and of course, bugs! Some bugs may be creepy and crawly, but not our adorable insect puppets!

11. Paper Bag Beaver Puppet

Paper Bag Beaver Craft Pin 1

We have International Beaver Day coming up in April, and this paper bag beaver craft is perfect for it! Also, it’s a great addition to a special puppet show for Canada Day, along with other animals!

12. Paper Bag Cat in the Hat Puppet

Cat in The Hat Paperbag Craft FT

Dr. Seuss is an integral part of any kid’s childhood, and there’s hardly any kid today who grows up without reading at least one of his works! Our favorite has got to be the Cat in the Hat, and this puppet will encourage you to get up to some whacky adventures of your own!

13. Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet

Paper Bag Dinosaur Craft 1 3

We always think of dinosaurs as huge, scary monsters, but this little paper bag puppet is anything but! He’s adorable, and is a fun way to introduce young children to the world of dinosaurs.

14. Paper Bag Leprechaun Gnome Puppet

Paper Bag Leprechaun Gnome Pin 1

Ah, leprechauns! The mysterious creatures who prefer staying out of sight, and who own the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Read about some other leprechaun tales and turn them into a puppet show with these cute puppets.

15. Paper Bag Fireman Puppet

Make this Paper Bag Fireman Puppet craft to celebrate our brave heroes! Great for pretend play or for putting together your very own puppet show!

What do your kids say they want to be when they grow up? Whatever it is, show them how the job is done, using role playing and puppets. If you want help with learning about being a fireman, we’ve got the perfect craft for you!

16. Paper Bag Baby Yoda Puppet

Paper Bag Yoda Craft Featured

Star Wars has always had some really dedicated fans, but when Baby Yoda made an appearance, everyone lost it! He was so adorable that even we couldn’t resist turning him into a little puppet!

17. DIY Halloween Character Puppets

DIY Halloween Character Bookmarks. A frightfully fun fall craft! Includes templates to make green witch, bat, haunted house, Dracula, black cat & ghost bookmarks.

We showed you a set of gingerbread puppets that you could use to put up a puppet show at Christmas, and now we bring you a Halloween version, featuring a ghost, vampire, bat, witch and of course, her cat!

18. Paper Bag Alien Puppets

Paper Bag Alien Puppets Pin 1

Is there life in outer space? Are they watching us? Well, we don’t know the answers to these questions, but that needn’t stop you from making these cute little alien puppets!

19. Popsicle Stick Easter Puppets

This Easter, have some fun making some Popsicle Stick Easter Crafts - Bunny, Chick and Sheep. Use them as bookmarks or decor or gift them to your friends!

So Christmas and Halloween have been covered, so what’s left to include in this list of DIY puppets for kids? Oh yes, Easter! Here is a cute little set of Easter puppets, including the Easter bunny, a yellow chick and a sheep.

20. Paper Bag Badger Puppet

Love badgers? Then this adorable paper bag badger craft for kids is the perfect project for you to try this week! Great for learning about omnivores.

The first time I heard of a badger was in Kenneth Grahame’s ‘The Wind in the Willows’ and since then he’s popped up in many other books! If your kids are currently doing a reading of the book at school, this puppet of Mr. Badger will be perfect to make!

These DIY Puppets for Kids are just what you need to keep the little ones occupied for an entire weekend and put up their own little show!

We hope this list of DIY puppets for kids have offered you enough variety to put up a puppet show, whatever theme you may in the mood for. Or you could be bold and mix up different worlds, so that the Tin Man and Batman get together with the Cat in the Hat to rescue the dinosaur trapped in the haunted house!

These DIY Puppets for Kids are just what you need to keep the little ones occupied for an entire weekend and put up their own little show!

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