20 Beautiful Heart Crafts for Valentine’s Day

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We’re all set with Beautiful Heart Crafts to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style! Whatever your child’s age, you’re sure to find the perfect craft here!

As soon as the buzz of the New Year dies down, you’ll start seeing signs of Valentine’s Day in stores and other places. And what’s the most tell-tale sign of all? Hearts, without a doubt!

But have you ever wondered about how a heart symbol came to be associated with love? Well, apparently it originated from a 13th-century manuscript that features a man handing his lover a pine cone to represent his heart. The pine cone was drawn in a way that resembles the present-day heart symbol. Interesting!

Well, now that we know a little about the history of the heart symbol, why not have some fun with it? Here are 20 gorgeous heart crafts for kids to make this Valentine’s Day – there’s something here for every age group!

20 Beautiful Heart Crafts for Valentine’s Day

We're all set with Beautiful Heart Crafts to celebrate Valentine's Day in style! Whatever your child's age, you're sure to find the perfect craft here!

1. Heart Shaped Pencil Toppers

Heart Shaped Pencil Toppers21

Everyone needs a pencil, and one way to ensure that your special person is always in your heart is through these adorable pencil toppers! All you need are pipe cleaners and you’re set!

2. 3-D Layered Heart Papercraft

3D layered heart papercraft template! Perfect for Valentine's Day, weddings, or any special occasion. Simply print, cut, and assemble to make a stunning 3D heart decoration.

When it’s a day as unique as Valentine’s Day, a two-dimensional craft won’t do – we need to go 3-D! Making a three-dimensional heart isn’t as hard as you think – all you need is paper!

3. DIY Heart Unicorn Paper Craft

Everyone loves unicorns; especially when they're as colorful as this DIY Unicorn Valentine Paper Puppet! Delight your friends with this magical creature!

One of the fun things about heart crafts is that you can use that shape to make a lot of things – including unicorns! This fun craft is really easy to make, and the most fun part is when you have to make those rainbow fringes!

4. DIY Crepe Paper Heart Wreath

Make this beautiful Crepe Paper Heart Wreath that's perfect for Valentine's Day!! Use it as Valentine decor or as a cute little gift to give your Valentine!

Is Valentine’s Day making you want to redecorate your room? Well, we’ve got an easy solution – just try out some heart crafts like this crepe paper heart wreath!

5. Heart Elephant Craft

Elephants never forget - how much you care for your loved ones! This Heart Elephant Craft is perfect to show your special someone your love!

Nothing like a cute little baby elephant to make your Valentine’s Day even better! This little guy comes holding a red heart, which you can use to write a little message!

6. Valentine Heart Lollipop Flowers

Valentine lollipop heart flowers 2

If you’re wondering what to make for the class Valentine’s party, you’ll enjoy making these lollipop flowers. Not only are they super easy, but they also look really good!

7. Heart Fox Valentine Craft

This Heart Fox Valentine Craft is just what your loved one needs to see this year, to make up for all the social distancing we're having!

You’ve heard of people wishing each other a Happy Valentine’s Day, but how about a ‘Foxy Valentine’s Day’ for a change? If you liked that, you’re sure to love this adorable fox heart craft!

8. Stuffed Felt Heart

Need an easy Valentine gift? This Easy Stuffed Felt Heart Bag Tag Craft is the perfect project to make, and requires little time and effort!

Remember us saying that you can use heart crafts to decorate your room? Well, we’ve got some more to share – these cute little felt heart ornaments! The best part is that you can make them in any color for every occasion!

9. Quilled Paper Heart Balloon Card

Love is literally in the air with this cute Quilled Paper Valentine Heart Balloon Card! With clouds & a heart shaped balloon, this is great for a classroom.

If you’re a fan of quilling, then this heart craft will be right up your alley! You don’t need to be a quilling pro to make this – just basic quilling shapes are sufficient.

10. Thumbprint Heart Bookmark

Thumbprint Heart Bookmarks 11

We haven’t left out the little ones in our list of heart crafts, and this one is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! They’ll enjoy dipping their little thumbs in paint and them imprinting them on paper.

11. Heart Gnome Craft

This Adorable Heart Gnome Craft is perfect to send across a message to a loved one who's far away - sure to melt anyone's heart!

Uh oh, someone’s come – and he’s got a heartfelt message for you! Making this heart gnome is really easy, and all you need are basic craft supplies and some colored paper.

12. DIY Reversible Heart Necklace

This DIY Reversible Valentine Heart Necklace makes a great gift for a classroom Valentine! A quick and easy craft that can be made in just a few minutes!

If you’re thinking of making a handmade gift for your special someone this Valentine’s Day, you’ll find that this reversible heart necklace ticks all the right boxes!

13. Sloth Heart Valentine Craft

Heart Sloth Craft Pin 1 2

Maybe you’re slow and procrastinated till the last minute, and now you’re in a rush! Well, don’t worry, because we’ve got a free printable craft for you, that’s perfect for the last-minute Valentine’s rush!

14. Melted Crayon Heart Art

3D Melted Crayon Heart valentine pin

Any holiday is an occasion to try out new art forms, and why should Valentine’s be any different? Take a cue from our tutorial here and make a melted art heart card that your Valentine will love!

15. Heart Hedgehog Craft

Hedgehogs may be prickly, but not this Cute Heart Hedgehog Craft for Kids! Use it on top of a card, on a gift or turn it into a bookmark!

Hedgehogs may be common during Fall, but this little guy has come especially for Valentine’s Day! He’s also got a little heart clasped in his hands, which you can use to write a little poem or haiku.

16. Paper Bag Heart Robot Craft

Paper Bag Love Robot Craft FT 1

Remember the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz who craved a heart of his own? Well, he is the next addition to our list of heart crafts, and he’s got a partner with him!

17. Dot Marker Heart Card

Valentines day card

If you’re looking for a Valentine art project that is suitable for young kids, this dot marker heart card is perfect. Just get yourself some dot marker pens and draw an outline of a heart – let the kids fill it in with dots!

18. DIY Rainbow Heart Bookmark

Rainbow Paper Bookmark Pin 2

Love comes in all colors, and that’s what we’re celebrating with this rainbow heart bookmark! Make multiples and share it among all your friends so they’ll think of you next time they open their book!

19. Heart Coloring Card

Printable Valentine Coloring Card 3998 2

These have got to be the easiest DIY Valentine’s Day cards – all you have to do is print them out and color them in! There are many cute designs to choose from, including, of course, a heart!

20. Dotty Heart Flowers

Dotty hearts valentine craft

Get the little ones involved in your Valentine’s Day celebrations with these dotty heart crafts! They’re really easy to make, and you can make the hearts out of paper plates.

We're all set with Beautiful Heart Crafts to celebrate Valentine's Day in style! Whatever your child's age, you're sure to find the perfect craft here!

You can use these heart crafts in multiple ways – turn them into wall hangings or decorations, stick them on a card or gift, or simply give them to your friends and loved ones! They’re sure to appreciate the love and the effort that has gone into making these pretty projects, and their own hearts will be warmed by the thought!

Don’t forget to check out these Valentine projects too:

We're all set with Beautiful Heart Crafts to celebrate Valentine's Day in style! Whatever your child's age, you're sure to find the perfect craft here!

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